No Video Gaming in West Chicago

In the 2018 Advisory Referendum, West Chicagoans voted overwhelmingly (70%!) NOT to allow video gaming in West Chicago.

In the city council Public Affairs Committee meeting on Monday, 8/30/21, the committee, led by committee chairwoman Lori Chassee (Ward 1), moved to re-introduce the topic to the general city council session. Chassee was supported in this motion by several other aldermen on that committee, all of whom have chosen to elevate this cause against the will of their constituents.

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Those Public Affairs Committee aldermen who supported the motion include:

  • Lori Chassee (Ward 1)
  • Heather Brown (Ward 2)
  • Melissa Birch-Ferguson (Ward 4)
  • Christopher Swiatek (Ward 5)
  • Jeanne Short (Ward 6)

The table below compares how many people from each ward voted “No” to the 2018 video gaming advisory referendum to how many people voted “Yes” for that ward’s respective alderman, listed above.

Ward #12456
Belligerent alderman
(from above list)
Number of “No” votes in 2018 referendum31317038942999
Number of “Yes” votes for that alderman in his/her last election14112013719249

Sources for Data: