Music Preparation Services

Brendan offers several music preparation services, including custom arrangements, lead sheets, transcription, editing, copying, printing, and DAW session preparation. Contact him at BrendanMcCormack(at) for more information.

Services Offered

Custom Arrangements

Need music arranged coherently for multiple instruments? Brendan has arranged for most types of ensembles, including symphonic wind band, marching band, orchestra, big band, jazz combo, and rock/pop ensembles.

Lead Sheets

Lead sheets, sometimes called ‘charts’, offer an efficient way to communicate complex musical information to improvising musicians. They typically include a song’s melody, lyrics, and chords arranged in such a way as to clearly communicate the form of the tune. If you have a song you need turned into a lead sheet, send Brendan your sketches or recordings and he will notate your tune into a proper lead sheet..


Aural Transcription

Got a song that you would like transcribed? This service takes a song for which you do not already have sheet music and provides you with a notated version, in both Sibelius and PDF formats.

Sibelius Transcription

Got a PDF of a song, but need to be able to manipulate the notes, font, chords, etc.? This service takes sheet music and transcribes it into Sibelius for you, so you can manipulate the various parameters as you will.

Music Editing

Music is important. That’s why we use it for special occasions. Make sure your music is thoroughly checked for errors before it hits the airwaves, not while it hits the airwaves.

Music Copying

The easier your music is to read, the better your players will be able to make it sound. Brendan’s copying services will provide you with the industry-standard copying techniques and practices to format your scores and parts for the utmost ease of reading.

Music Printing

Print your music on high-quality paper for extra durability and longevity. Custom sizes available upon request.

DAW Session Preparation

One of the most time-consuming components of studio recording is matching sheet music locations to DAW (digital audio workstation) timeline locations. If you need to overdub or fix a mistake, it can be difficult to find specifically where in the recording you must revisit. Fortunately, most DAWs allow users to create visual markers along the recording timeline for quickly and easily identifying where each section begins. With Brendan’s DAW session preparation services, he will take your sheet music (you must provide it, unless you are also hiring him to transcribe your music too) and create section markers in either Pro Tools or Logic (or both). Other DAWs available for an additional fee. He then sends you the DAW session files for you either to use yourself or give to your session engineer.